Three Levels of Rocket

Hierarchies in Yoga are arbitrary. Because yoga is a personal practice, one in which you challenge yourself to hold a posture for longer, control your breath through struggle or bind into a unique twist, no yogi is 'better' than the next. A yogi can only be compared with themselves and therefore creating a hierarchical structure [...]

What is Bottle Rocket?

The Urban dictionary defines a Bottle Rocket as: A thing, or person that is today's hot item and is gone tomorrow. From the way a bottle rocket shoots into the sky goes bang and is gone. A one hit wonder. The scientific description of Bottle Rocket comes from a middle school science project almost all [...]

Larry Schultz: The Rocket Legend

Yoga's a great teacher and The Rocket is a great journey." -Larry Schultz A student of Ashtanga guru K. Pattabhi Jois, Larry Schultz introduced The Rocket series to 1980s San Francisco by creating the third yoga studio in the area: It's Yoga. Founded on traditional Ashtanga and using the same postures from the Primary and [...]

What is Rocket Yoga?

Rocket Yoga is a progressive series of set sequences based on traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa. Before the 1980s, Rocket didn’t even exist! In the 80’s, Pattabhi Jois’ student Larry Schultz, while studying in India, found himself unsatisfied with the rigid rules for progressing through a series. In traditional Ashtanga, a student can’t progress to the next Asana (posture) or series without permission from their teacher; Permission being given once a posture perfected. Wanting to practice harder postures and move on in the series more quickly than allowed by his teacher, Schultz chose to develop his own Ashtanga based practice. Schultz’ creation was only later dubbed Rocket (after his popularity grew) by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead because “It gets you there faster.”