The Daily Practice: Why It’s So Important

As we launch into the holiday season, it’s so easy to forget our routine, slip up, cheat, or slide. Every year, this seems to be the most difficult time to keep ourselves accountable. Whatever your term of choice, we are constantly criticizing ourselves over imperfections and overindulgences, when really we should be congratulating ourselves for making it through another year. Let’s celebrate life, family, gratitude and everything in between!

Instead of guilt and shame based New Year’s resolutions, with hopes of ‘being better’ next year… Why wait? Why can’t we ‘be better’ now?! There’s no reason to feel guilty over holiday pleasures. We can’t keep chastising ourselves especially when we know we’re gonna do it all over again next year! So here’s what we propose: Finish out 2017 STRONG, survive the holidays and start some healthy habits immediately. Not after the holidays, not after the New Year, but NOW!

In honor of NOW we’re launching the Evolve Yoga Denver 21 Day Reset in accordance with the goal set forth for us by our friends Scott & Laura St. John of Strong. Confident. Living. Let’s reset the brain right before our weakest moments! Feel stronger and more confident during this chaotic season. Science proves that it takes 21 days of repetitive action to reset the brain and create new habits. So, for the next 21 days we will be encouraging you to PRACTICE YOGA EVERY DAY.

Committing to a daily practice:

  1. Establishes Routine: Routine has the power to add structure to your day which  encourages mindfulness on a variety of levels. Routine improves accountability, reduces anxiety and helps establish new habits both mentally and physically.
  2. Gets you moving: Your body craves movement. Get up and do it!
  3. Significantly improves your practice: Ashtanga and Rocket yoga incorporate some incredibly technical postures. Therefore, any good teacher will agree that practicing at home is the BEST way to accomplish full expression of all yoga poses. Practice, practice, practice!

Starting Friday, December 21st we’ll demonstrate the Minimum Daily Requirement (MDR) via social media outlets including live feed, photos and pre-recorded videos. Every day, each practice will grow progressively longer as Jessica Lyn Young (founder of Evolve) guides you through the MDR. By creating a routine, checking into your practice on a daily basis, you’ll become more comfortable, stronger and more confident.

Tune in and be READY FOR TAKEOFF into the Holiday Season!


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