Changing Seasons With Yoga: Falling Into You

A Piece By Evolve Yoga Denver Teacher Shelley Dickerson

The shifting of the seasons can stir up many sensations, thoughts, and emotions inside and outside of our bodies. This time of year, we watch as the leaves begin their departure downward to insulate the ground for cooler weather. The chilly days invite you to bundle up with scarves, gloves, and hats. You begin to crave warm, cooked foods and hot beverages. Thoughts of the holidays, family, and traditions begin to spin in your head. Although the welcoming of a season is something we can look forward to, change is not always predictable.

In life, change is the only constant we can rely upon. Have you ever begun finding comfort and predictability in a routine and before you know it, one factor or another has now forced a change to that routine? Or maybe you have discovered a newfound clarity with a certain perspective and then something happens that makes you question this viewpoint? You are learning what we all must learn. Change is life. Life is change.

Our adaptability in situations is often a challenge. These life challenges can trigger doubts, impatience, sadness, anger, anxiety, and so many other feelings and states of being. As humans on this Earth, we are here to learn. Just as you begin to find an understanding, a new lesson is presented to you. Instead of viewing these new lessons, these changes, as a new feat, take a breath and picture yourself seated upon your Yoga mat.

As practitioners of Yoga, we are well aware of the need to return to the present moment, to the breath. This may seem like a terribly simple solution for how complex the stories of our lives can be. In all actuality, it really is THAT simple. We feel it on our Yoga mats. We begin seated on the ground, some days pulsating with countless thoughts, sensations, and emotions. After some breaths, we can feel the space around us grow. It becomes easier to fill your body completely with breath. It is easier to let the breath go completely. Your thoughts slow down. The story of your life slows down. Which means that you, your being, can begin to find calm, peace, space and clarity.

This is why we find ourselves gravitating towards our Yoga mats and saying to ourselves or others, “I need or needed to do yoga today.” The inner wisdom, the voice inside of us is letting us know that we need to take a moment. To draw inward, to breathe, and reorient ourselves so that we are able to remain adaptable to change, to LIFE.

Invite this mentality into your daily routine, into your life. When the whirlwind of life begins to bring discomfort, know that you are in control of this sensation. Whether you are driving, in the grocery store, or seated in meditation, know that your breath and the present moment are accessible at any moment of any day. You are strong, you are worthy of calm, peace, space, and clarity. You are equipped with the tools necessary to tap into any of them at any moment. Use your awareness, your energy, to place yourself where you need to be. Knowing that change is inherent in our lives, don’t waste your precious energy resisting what is. Share your beautiful, boundless energy with yourself, your loved ones, your life. Change and life itself will ebb and flow as it always has and will continue to do.

Shelley has been teaching a range of Vinyasa and Prana based Yoga classes since 2009. She maintains special interests in meditation, breathwork and trauma-informed practices. Shelley is a RYT 200 as well as a trained Aerial Yoga Instructor. She teaches two wonderful Vinyasa classes on Saturday mornings at Evolve. A more energized and powerful flow at 9am and a gentler, more relaxing flow at 10:30am. Come join her on the mat and find peace with change, peace with life.
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