Yogic Sleep: Just Do It!

You know that sleepy awake state just before drifting off? Or maybe the delicious mid-day nap that doesn’t quite take you into the dream world of a deep sleep, but instead leaves you mildly conscious of your surroundings with a heavy body and lazy brain? That feeling. That wonderfully complete relaxation that you actually, consciously or unconsciously feel… Cue: Yoga Nidra.

In Sanskrit meaning ‘Yogic Sleep’, Yoga Nidra is everything BUT active. The most intense form of passive yoga you may EVER experience will completely calm your mind body chatter and will ultimately restore your soul.

While lying in Savasana (a.k.a. Corpse Pose a.k.a. Flat on your back, legs and arms extended at your side a.k.a. like you’re about to fall asleep on your back!) you’ll listen as the teacher -or individual guiding the class- guides you through a class meant to completely relax your body and mind. Sometimes preceded by a few slow and loosening asanas and maybe setting an intention or mantra, the class will consist mostly of still students and a soft, gentle verbal guidance from the seated, still teacher.

Expect to be motionless, both mentally and physically. Expect to be relaxed: So much so that you may find yourself asleep. That’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with drifting off. The goal may be to absorb conscious rest, but we often don’t allow ourselves proper time to completely rest consciously OR unconsciously. Yoga is YOUR practice. Whether it be vinyasa, power, yin or nidra, each student deserves to experience their practice as individually necessary. So sleep away you sleepy people and absorb the incredibly revitalizing and restorative practice of yoga nidra!








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