Three Levels of Rocket

Hierarchies in Yoga are arbitrary. Because yoga is a personal practice, one in which you challenge yourself to hold a posture for longer, control your breath through struggle or bind into a unique twist, no yogi is ‘better’ than the next. A yogi can only be compared with themselves and therefore creating a hierarchical structure to any yoga practice is a challenge and is open to interpretation.

Yoga is an internal practice. The rest is just a circus. -Sri Pattabhi Jois

But it’s important that every student feels comfortable and confident at their Shala, in their home. For this reason, most yoga studios have a multiple level structure to better serve their student population, a diverse community of yogis with different needs. Levels will become progressively harder and faster paced, maybe even longer in duration. Again, this structure may, and probably does, vary between studios, but with something for everyone, the intention should always be: a fulfilling led practice, no matter your experience on the mat.

BOTTLE ROCKET: A fun, lighthearted yet challenging class for beginners. The perfect 60 minute intro to the set Rocket sequences, Bottle Rocket takes postures from the Primary series of Asthanga and combines them with music in a nice progressive Vinyasa flow. Of course, in any studio, modifications should be provided and encouraged by your teacher so that each student gets the most out of their practice. Any time spent in class is YOUR time and the goal is to make sure that each experience on the mat is a positive step toward YOUR ideal practice.

After spending time practicing the set Bottle Rocket sequences, maybe it’s time to challenge yourself. Your Ready For Takeoff to the next level!

ROCKET I: An all levels class like the Ashtanga Primary Series (1) , but combined with more inversions from the Intermediate Series (2) . This is a 75 minute sequence combined with any variety of music. Strength building, detoxifying and faster paced than Bottle Rocket.

ROCKET II:  A class for intermediate and advanced Ashtangis, this series includes postures from the intermediate (2) and advanced (3) Ashtanga series and again focuses on strength building with backbends and hip openers. A 75 minute, fast paced class that’s certain to challenge even the most hard core yogi!

ROCKET III: The most advanced Rocket class consists of 90 poses in 90 minutes. Its a fast paced class -postures aren’t held as long as they are in Rocket II – combining sequences from Rocket I & II. Available to all levels through modification, but will be more fulfilling to the advanced students as some postures won’t be accessible for beginners.

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