What is Bottle Rocket?

The Urban dictionary defines a Bottle Rocket as: A thing, or person that is today’s hot item and is gone tomorrow. From the way a bottle rocket shoots into the sky goes bang and is gone. A one hit wonder.

The scientific description of Bottle Rocket comes from a middle school science project almost all of us have witnessed. Taking a 2 -liter bottle and water, pressurizing the combination and launching the bottle into the air.

For our purposes, Bottle Rocket is a little different, but with similar concepts from each definition. As a yogi new to Ashtanga or Rocket, Bottle Rocket may be a one hit wonder in your practice because once you’ve done it, you’ll be hooked! That first class is gonna shoot you into the sky and BANG! You’ll be gone into the world of Rocket wondering why you didn’t try it earlier. The more scientific explanation will be that you’ve built up all this intense heat and strength from Bottle Rocket and under enough practice (pressure) you’ll be absolutely READY FOR TAKEOFF to the next level: Rocket I, II, and eventually III!

Street language aside, Bottle Rocket is a fun, lighthearted, yet challenging class: The perfect introduction into the realm of Rocket Yoga. Get ready to sweat! That’s right, it’s not hot yoga, but because Ashtanga sequences were created to match breath and movement to most efficiently create an internal, detoxifying heat, you will more than likely sweat in class. That’s ok, you’ve earned it! Incorporating postures from the Primary series of Asthanga combined with upbeat music in a nice Vinyasa flow of progressive sequences, it’s no wonder Bottle Rocket is a hit. Of course, in any studio, modifications should be provided and encouraged by your teacher so that each student gets the most out of their practice.

A class for all levels, Bottle Rocket will get you fit fast, will make you earn your sweat and teach you meditative control as you learn to synchronize your breath with movement. Let’s get you Ready For Takeoff!

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